• Nicro Design

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  • NiCast

    Jobbing foundry, with the ability to deliver up to 1 ton. Read more
  • Nicro Industrial

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  • Nicro Pump & Valve

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  • Nicro Rail

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Business divisions

Each of our divisions has been created so that they work together in a matrix system. We have our three core industry areas – Nicro Industrial, Nicro Pump & Valve and Nicro Rail – which focus on delivering solutions for the mining- and process-specific industry requirements. Nicro Design and Nicast provide the expert insight to the other divisions’ solutions while also offering their unique services to the market.


While each of our business areas has their own speciality, we work together to solve problems so that we deliver the best solution to our customers.





Nicro Design

Delivering a professional approach to design, in order to deliver relevant engineering solutions

  • Focus on product design, development and improvement
  • Quick and responsive to queries
  • Dedicated and focused team
  • FEA analysis, CFD analysis, 3D modelling, CAD drawings, concept design and optimisations
  • Mechanical engineering consulting
  • Able to outsource consultants to industry


NiCast Foundry & Engineering

Ability to deliver any job up to 1 ton

  • Three induction furnaces (one of 1 000kg and two of 500kg)
  • Jobbing foundry, with the ability to deliver up to 1 ton
  • System planning and tracking to ensure short turnaround times
  • Ability to produce small quantities


Nicro Industrial

Providing engineering industry innovative solutions, using a wide range of products and services

  • Ability to adapt product solutions to meet client specific needs
  • Problem-solving mindset

Nicro Industrial has 4 regional offices:

  • Nicro Industrial Head office - Roodepoort

  • Nicro Industrial Mpumalanga - Secunda

  • Nicro Industrial Rustenburg - Rustenburg

  • Nicro Industrial Durban (serviced by Durban Alloys) – Glen Hills, Durban


Nicro Pump & Value

Develop custom-designed pump and valve specifications to meet your needs

  • Specialised pump and valve offering
  • Support service: repair and maintenance
  • Able to adapt to client requirements


Nicro Rail Components

Develop specialised rail components

  • Offer products for rolling stock and loco’s including wheels, tyres, cannon boxes, brake components, couplers, side frame & bolsters, axle box adapters and chevrons
  • Able to offer a joint service with Nicro Design to solve operating issues that require a multi-disciplinary team approach